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Activities at the farm

- Hiking
The hills around Poljane and Škofja Loka offer several hiking options:
- Blegoš – 1562 m
- Stari vrh - 1032
- Porezen - 1632 m
- Pasja ravan – 1029m
- Lubnik – 1024 m

The expansive Škofjeloško hribovje hills are ideal for cycling. There are cycling trails that span through forests and pleasant villages. Mountain cyclists can test themselves on dirt trails and forest paths with varying inclines. Casual “trekking” bikers have a plethora of roads with little traffic to choose from. The trails offer beautiful views and several natural and cultural monuments, along with the local cuisine, make the trips even more interesting.

Bicycles are available for rent at the farm.

Fishing and hunting
The Visoko fishing club offers fishing along the Poljanska Sora river, stretching from Log to Hotavlje. Tickets can be purchased at the Na Vidmu restaurant in Poljane and the Silva bar in Gorenja vas.

There are five active hunting clubs in our area that organize hunting trips. Bears, wild boars and deer can be found in the forests of Poljanska dolina. The slopes of the Blegoš mountain are also home to herds of chamois.

  • Stari vrh
    Distance from farm: 8 km
    Ski resort information:
    - altitude: 580-1210 m,
    - ski slope area: 55 ha,
    - trails: length: 12 km: 2 km high difficulty, 6 km medium difficulty, 4 km low difficulty,
    - ski lifts: 1 six person chair lift, 4 surface lifts; capacity: 4300 skiers per hour, carpet lift for children (weekend supervision) - access from Poljanska dolina

*Cerkno ski center
Distance from farm: 21 km
Ski resort information:
- altitude: 800-1300 m,
- ski slope area: 70 ha,
- trails: length 6,8 km,
- ski lifts: 2 six person chair lifts, 2 four person chair lifts, 2 two person chair lifts, 2 surface lifts and carpet lifts for the skiing school and kindergarten.
Cross-country skiing trail length: 5 km[/list]More[/list]

Downhill apline skiing
The slopes of Porezen are available and popular for downhill alpine skiing tours.

Climbing and climbing areas
  • Kamnitnik – 39 directions
    Distance from the farm: 10 km
  • Zminec – 24 directions
    Distance from the farm: 8 km

Forrest learning trail
The Tavčar mansion is the starting point of a forest learning trail. It is 2100 m long, its altitude spans from 360 m to 450 m above sea level. Walking around the trail takes about two hours.